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What's Your Poison?

Presented by Rumpus Theatre Company

Written by Steve Orme

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Tue 21 November 2023

At the Winding Wheel Theatre

Starts 7.30pm.

The true-crime Victorian murder mystery...

William Palmer is a respectable member of the medical profession … so why do so many people around him die suddenly, and without apparent explanation?

This fascinating new play about real-life 19th century doctor Palmer is seen from both the atmospheric Victorian perspective - the doctor, his family and friends, and his trial - and also the contemporary 21st century perspective - a young couple fascinated by this true-crime case ... and it delivers a delicious final twist!

Rumpus' production of The Ripper Files was “chilling … a fine piece of theatre” (TheLatest.co.uk) while The Tell-Tale Heart was “something to make [the audience's] blood run cold ... I jumped out of my seat" (British Theatre Guide)

What's Your Poison? promises much much more of the same …

Rumpus … “masters of the high-audience appeal production" (Derbyshire Times)

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Concessions and Friends £20.70

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