New date: Nick Butter - The Man Who Ran the World

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Wed 21 April 2021

At the Winding Wheel

Starts 7.30pm.

A chance to listen to stories from the man who's run a marathon in every country on the planet. From spine tingling highs, to horrendous lows - this outrageously evocative journey is one of adventure, challenge and solo endurance.

Muggings, erupting volcanos, extreme weather, war zones, juggling passports and the hugely physical, logistical and mentally relentless nature of this expedition makes for some jaw dropping anecdotes; the sheer scale and diversity of the planet really shines through. Accompanied with stunning photography and video footage, Nick's tour is not to be missed.

This remarkable journey took Nick 674 days running 3 marathons, in 3 new countries a week, every week, for 96 weeks. Join Nick in a venue near you as he attempts to whittle 2 years of running, flying and dodging danger down to just one talk. An epic tale of human endeavour and a lot of sweaty pants.

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