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Do I Love You?

Presented by John Godber Company

Written by John Godber

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Tue 24 October 2023 to Wed 25 October 2023

At the Winding Wheel Theatre

Starts Eves 7.30pm.

Why not join twenty somethings Sally, Nat and Kyle in this hilarious comedy as they develop a love for, and the people involved with, Northern Soul. What started as a College project has grown into a passion, but the dance steps are exhausting. Far beyond their home city of Hull our trio find excitement, purpose and the tribe they’ve been looking for. Now they can’t get enough; from Brid Spa to Stoke, from Chesterfield to the Tower Ballroom our young soulies are determined to keep the faith! 

This is Northern Soul for a new generation, but with rising costs, unemployment, and small town blues, has anything really changed? Is this England 1973 or 2023? The pubs are closing, hospitality has gone, and strikes are everywhere; but when you’re out on the floor …

So spread the talc and grab your loafers, our trio are heading for a weekender! 

From the writer of the legendary Bouncers ...

It’ll never be over for us! 

Emilio Encinoso Gil Chloe Mcdonald

L-R Emilio Encinoso-Gil, Chloe McDonald

Do I Love You 1  Do I Love You 2
Do I Love You 3  Do I Love You 4

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