Calamity Jane

Presented by Peak Performance

Show Dates, Times & Tickets

Thu 09 June 2022 to Sat 11 June 2022

At Pomegranate Theatre

Starts Eves 7.30pm, Sat mat 2.30pm.

Peak Performances are proud to be back at the Pomegranate to present the ever-popular Calamity Jane. The musical tells the story of a real-life sharpshooter who takes it upon herself to protect the Wild West from marauding Sioux Indians.

Her skill is matched only by Wild Bill Hickock with whom she has a friendly rivalry,

Despite having romantic feelings for a handsome lieutenant at the local army fort, ‘Calam’ shows no femininity and is seen as one of the boys!

When Henry Miller’s attempt to import a little glamour into the Golden Garter goes disastrously wrong, Calam decides to ride to Chicago and bring back the most famous actress in town, With the help of Adelaide Adams and her best Friend Katie, Calam at last discovers her feminine guile, but romance takes an unexpected turn.

Charlotte Barlow plays the gun toting Calamity Jane with Alex Hayward-Brown her sparring partner Wild Bill Hickock. Debi Alvey plays the part of Katie Brown the stage-struck young lady whilst Simon Lewington takes the part of love interest Lieutenant Danny Gilmartin.

With a full orchestra and a brand-new set and costumes, this should be a show to remember.

This is an amateur performance. 

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