A collage of images of Barry Steele as Roy Orbison.

Barry Steele and Friends - The Roy Orbison Story

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Fri 17 February 2023

At the Winding Wheel Theatre

Starts 7.30pm.

In 1963 Roy Orbison performed for the first time, at The Adelphi in Slough - in December 2018 Barry Steele’s Barry Steele performed at The Adelphi Theatre in London’s West End.  

In 1988 Roy Orbison Joined ‘The Traveling Wilburys’- in Barry Steele and Friends we create an incredible fusion of musical genius and rock and roll as the whole cast comes together to celebrate this original supergroup. 

In 2017 Roy Orbison songs were remastered by The Philharmonic Orchestra – in Barry Steele and Friends we proudly present our versions of these masterpieces.  

In 2018 due to the wonders of technology Roy Orbison and Buddy Holly shared a stage as the hologram show ‘In Dreams’ toured the world.   In 2022 our very own brown eyed handsome man joins the Roy Orbison Story.  

The Big O worked with many talented musicians throughout his career, including Chris Isaak and KD Land. This spell-binding production also features stunning versions of some of their greatest hits, including Isaak’s global smash hits - Blue Hotel and Wicked Game. 

So, do you think you know what’s in Barry Steele and Friends? We can assure you it’s a bit different. 

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