Brochure & Website Listing

Website & Brochure Listing

We try and list all events, which are at the Pomegranate Theatre and Winding Wheel on our website and in our brochure.

Please submit the following to

1. Event Date

2. Event Title

3. Event Time

4. Ticket price (including the £1.40 per ticket booking fee)

5. Event presented by

6. 80 word descrption for brochure

7. 200 word description for website (if you have more than 80 words)

8. Ticket prices (including the 50p per ticket booking fee)

9. One good quality jpeg image or PDF


10. Details of your facebook page and twitter

11. A YouTube video link if you have one

12. Production shots

13. Head shots of those starring in the concert

14. Press release


Inclusion in our brochure and the amount of space you are allocated is not guaranteed.

Our brochure is created three times per year. 35,000 are now printed and approximately 19,000 are sent via direct mail to our customers that have opted to receive them. Current and previous brochures can be viewed by clicking here.