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Marketing required for your event
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Marketing for theatrical events at the Pomegranate Theatre or Winding Wheel Theatre

Each event will receive a listing on and at least 1 social media post.

If you have a marketing contra (an agreed marketing spend within your contract), we will carry out paid activity most suitable for your event from the list below. If you do not a marketing contra, please contact us to request details of paid marketing activity. 

Find out what marketing content we need for your event.
- Each event will have an event listing on our website
- On sale announcement in compilation home page news story.
- If you would like to submit and 'interest article' for our home page news story section then please email this to us and we publish this if a space is available.
- We are unable to take requests for our homepage web banner, due to limited availability
- Find out what marketing content we need for your event.

Printed brochure

All professional events will be allocated a 1/8 page at the cost of £120 which will be deducted from your pre-agreed marketing contra. Larger entries have a higher fee and may be available for events which run for more than 1 date.

- Our brochures are currently out in April (copy and image deadline 1 February), July/August (copy and image deadline 1 May) and November/December (copy and image deadline 1 September). 

Inclusion in our brochure and the amount of space you are allocated is not guaranteed.

Our brochure is created three times per year.

Find out what marketing content we need for your event.

Deliver to Emma Kerry, Winding Wheel Theatre, 13 Holywell St, Chesterfield S41 7SA.


Please do not send more print than specified below unless specified otherwise by theatres marketing department.

  • A5 Leaflets displayed in theatre
    250 (Community events and professional events up to 3 days)
    500+ flyers. (professional performances 4+ days)
  • A3 posters displayed in theatre x 5
  • A2 poster outside Winding Wheel Theatre - Winding Wheel Theatre events only. Displayed subject to space being available.
  • Digital screens - Winding Wheel Theatre events only. See design specs here.
  • Roller banners - please do not supply roller banners.
  • Vinyl banners - please do not supply vinyl banners.

Wider print distribution

- Distribution of your posters around Chesterfield Town Centre shops and services £100. If you require this service, you will need to add an additional 75 A3 posters to your print quantities. 

- Distribution of flyers around Chesterfield is £320 will need to add these flyers to the print quantities above and contact the Marketing Department so we can book it in.

Overprint details

All print must be received overprinted. Any print received not overprinted may not be displayed. The information you need to include when overprinting is detailed below.

1. Event Date 
2. Event Time 
3. Box Office 01246 345 222 |
4. Relevant venue logo and the council logo:

Pomegranate Theatre logo - white logo or black logo
Winding Wheel Theatre white logo on transparent background PNG
Winding Wheel Theatre black logo on transparent background PNG
Winding Wheel Theatre black logo on white background JPG

Chesterfield Borough Council logo white logo 
Chesterfield Borough Council logo black logo
Where possible, the Counil should appear to the right of the venue logo. 

Please send your poster artwork to so your design can be proofed to ensure it contains the correct information.

Print advertising
The main newspaper in our areas is the Derbyshire Times. 
- All events will get at least 1 text listing in our weekly Derbyshire Times ladder advert.
- Featured event (image and date) in the theatres weekly what's on advert is £50
- Larger adverts and adverts in other printed newspapers/magazines available upon request.

Social media
twitter & instagram @CfieldTheatres

Please supply copy for organic posts to Our facebook web banner is unavailable. Boosted facebook posts and ads are available (minimum spend £50).

- Solus enewsletters to a segmented audience are available for £20 (limited to 1 per event)
- A listing in the "Just Announced & Coming up next Month" enewsletter to our whole database both when your event has just gone on sale and another listing when it is coming up in the next month.
- Inclusion in genre specific enewsletters we send during the time your event is on sale with us. We send a Comedy eNewsletter on a monthly basis and drama and musicals, family and music enewsletters on a quarterly basis.
- If your event is at the Pomegranate Theatre and it has a Friends price, you will be included in the New Season Friends enewsletter
- Inclusion in a New Season announcement email sent to coincide with our new season brochure.

Direct mails
- Available for 250+ recipients and from 80p per recipient. Please contact the theatre for more information. 

- Each season we send a compilation email and letter to schools within Derbyshire featuring child-friendly events. For events which are deemed appropriate for a school's audience and which have an educational purpose, we can send a solus letter to each Derbyshire school for £100 and an email for £50. Copy must be provided for any solus activity.

The local commercial radio station for Chesterfield Theatres is Greatest Hits Radio. Prices are available from the theatre upon request.

The main non-commercial radio station for Chesterfield is BBC Radio Sheffield. However, BBC radio Derby and Nottingham may be able to provide coverage for interviews. 

Marketing and Sales department Contact
01246 936770
The marketing and sales department can help with marketing planning, events with a contra agreed at contract stage, Social media, website administration, proofing of print, distribution and ticket sales report requests.